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ciac logoOur aim at CIAC is to promote handwriting and letterpress printing.

Freehandwriting, as developed by Monica Dengo, where the free movements of the hand are important as a gesture of self expression in themselves.

Letterpress printing, based on Amos Paul Kennedy's ideas about art as a natural, spontaneous and ethical process.

We also organize classes in: Handwriting, historical latin calligraphy, creative book art, bookbinding and many other events.

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Arezzo Pubblic Library

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The Arezzo Library represents one of the main book collections in Tuscany. We are collaborating for the creation of a calligraphy artist books archive.

Events & News

monica dengo calligraphy work

Books by Hand 2016

Calligraphy and bookbinding workshop held in Arezzo, a medieval art city in Tuscany, near Florence.

Scrittura Corsiva

Monica Dengo with Laura Bravar and Riccardo Olocco contributions, developed a Web Site to discover, learn and teach italic cursive in the

2020 Courses

Upcoming CIAC workshops.

monica dengo

Year Long Calligraphy Classes

The annual calligraphy course is a historical and contemporary course divided into three levels with monthly weekend meetings. Continua...

Books by Hand 

This is an international calligraphy and bookbinding workshop which offers to study directly from the historical manuscripts and to explore contemporary calligraphy and bookbinding. Read more...

Letterpress typography

Letterpress workshops

Letterpress workshops Paolo Lazzarelli at the Tipografia Sociale in Arezzo. Read more...

Handwriting in the schools

CIAC is dedicated to the teaching of handwriting and calligraphy in the schools.  Read more...