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The Centro Internazionale Arti Calligrafiche e del Libro offers Handwriting courses, Historic Latin Calligraphy courses, direct studies on Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, Book Arts courses, Letterpress courses, international workshops, Correspondence classes on the foundations of calligraphy and handwriting.

Ancient writing:

We study directly from historical documents, concentrating our attention on the original visual message, the connection between form and meaning.
We do not teach traditional calligraphy in the style of one particular calligrapher. Students are encouraged to develop their own interpretations.

Contemporary creative handwriting

After studying the historical evolution of our cursive, we develop the visual potential of our contemporary hand, seen as gesture of self expression according to the Freehandwriting idea developed by Monica Dengo.

Book Arts:

Bookbinding, traditional printing techniques, artist books: we invite experts to teach courses on all the arts related to the book.

Letterpress printing:

Our passion for letters and their history includes letterpress printing, in particular with wood type. Our classes on wood type poster printing are held at the Tipografia Sociale in Arezzo.

Instructors who teach or have taught with us:

Monica Dengo, Marta Lagna, Valeria Bertesina, Cristina Balbiano, Amos Kennedy, Paolo Lazzarelli.
For information about the Instructors go to the page Links and visit there web sites.

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In order to participate to our courses, it is mandatory to subscribe to the association. The annual cost for the first subscription, is euro 30, Renewal costs euro 15.

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To subscribe a course it is necessary to download the file at the page Courses.
You will find an application form to send via fax (+39 0575 299978) or electronic document.

Payment methods:

Payments can be made by wire transfer.
Centro Internazionale Arti Calligrafiche
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